People That Inspire Me

A few weeks ago, Alphalete Athletics dropped a new video about one of their athletes, Igor Openshansky. It’s one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen from the Alphalete brand. Now I love Christian Guzmans daily vlogs, but Igor has a great story and perspective. It really made a difference for me. I think I learned a lot from just a single video. And I wanted to comment on some of the things he brought up that stood out to me. Enjoy the video.

His intensity at the gym is so powerful. To him it’s what makes the difference between a success and failure. It’s pushing yourself to where no one else goes. His story about following the safe path is what a lot of people experience. We are afraid to follow our passions and it holds us back from following our passions and goals. I think society can pull us back down when we are reaching for our passions. But he’s right we can fail if follow our passions and we can fail by playing it safe.

His definition of working hard is about working 24/7. That is probably the reason why I liked his video so much. He really puts in the work day in and day out to follow his passions. He’s willing to take the risks to do what he loves. I couldn’t imagine a better way to live. Igor Openshansky is a more than just an athlete, he is an Alphalete.


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  1. Never heard of this guy. Thanks for sharing!


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