This will be a continuing page of workouts I’ve found and liked. I’ll break them up by category and then by what specific muscle they target. I’ll also include different types of lifting principles or workouts that I’ve found useful.

Eccentric Training:

During every lift there are two parts, the concentric phase and the eccentric phase. Concentric is the lifting part. Eccentric is the lowering part.


During the eccentric phase it’s found that a chemical, phosphatidic acid, is released and increases protein synthesis. There is also an increased activation of satellite cells. As satellite cells are activated they fuse to the muscle in order to repair, thus increasing muscle fiber size.


There are two main ways to optimize a lift following Eccentric training principles. First, is to do negative repetitions of 1-3 seconds. during the eccentric phase of a lift your muscles can lift a lot more than during the concentric phase. So you get the most out of this training increase the weight for your negative repetitions.

For reference check out this article: